Select: intuitive jet adjustment

The new operating philosophy: “Select your Shower Pleasure.”

Select a spray type or control the water with just one click, for even more showering fun: this is the operating philosophy of convenience that is behind Hansgrohe's Select button. With this Select button, Hansgrohe introduced operation at the touch of a button to the world of bathrooms – and was one of the first in the industry to do so.

Top selling points for Select from Hansgrohe:


  • Whether your customers would like to be able to switch between hand and overhead shower, or between soft shower rain and an invigorating burst of freshness: the Select button guarantees simplicity day in, day out. Raindance Select shower products are ideal for those who appreciate a pleasurable shower experience characterised by comfort and convenience.
  • The Select button embodies timelessly modern bathroom design and will be a real eye-catcher in the shower area. The new Raindance Select range is designed by Phoenix Design – one of the leading design offices in the world.




Select: A closer look at the button


Sophisticated and really easy-to-install concealed and exposed installation solutions for showers and kitchens

Select – user-friendly mixers for bathrooms and kitchens


More convenience and less resource consumption at wash basins and sinks

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