Modern bathroom with a shower system.

Showerpipes and shower panels

Innovative exposed shower systems for more indulgent showering

hansgrohe's world of shower systems contains the right product for every customer: from showerpipes that are available as simple exposed installation solutions (with one, two or three-jet overhead shower, hand shower and thermostatic mixer) through to height-adjustable shower panels. The Select technology makes hansgrohe shower systems truly impressive. We have practically unlimited resources for your customers to choose from in terms of comfort, design and enjoyment. Showers and jet types are easy to control at the touch of a button.


man under shower

Showerpipes – the simple way to total showering indulgence

Whether you are considering undertaking a new installation or a retrofit, and whether you opt for a Rainmaker Select, Raindance Select or Raindance E or Croma Select showerpipe: as a rule, the ensembles consist of an overhead shower, hand shower and thermostat. They can be fitted onto existing wall connections quickly and easily. As all water-bearing elements pass in front of the wall, these can be retrofit whenever required with very little outlay. All showerpipes are perfectly coordinated in terms of form and function.

hansgrohe showerpipes ( of )


All-in-one system for an indulgent showering experience that is a cut above the rest

Anyone looking to modernise their bathroom and enjoy luxurious showers will be interested to learn that hansgrohe has combined its luxury overhead shower Rainmaker Select with the wide shelf of the ShowerTablet Select 700. The Rainmaker Select Showerpipe features a consistent, intuitive operating concept that works at the touch of a button, and will send even the most demanding of customers straight to shower heaven. It is easy to install on existing connections and remarkably easy to clean thanks to its large, flat surfaces made of glass.

The versatile, square-shaped solution

Square, stylish and easy to combine: the high-quality Raindance E Showerpipe, with its elegant glass surfaces, goes really well with lots of hansgrohe products. The large, flat surfaces are easy to clean, and the continuously height-adjustable slide allows your customer to operate the shower with one hand.

Croma Select and Crometta Showerpipes: high convenience, low price

Croma Select Showerpipes are all-in-one systems which will pamper your customers with up to five jet types, all at the touch of a button: three for the hand shower, plus one or two for the overhead shower. The latter are available with spray disc diameters of 180 and 280 mm, and are swivelling and customisable. Also available in an EcoSmart version at only 9 l / min. The four-jet Crometta Showerpipe combines three individual elements to offer an attractive shower experience. Both systems are easy to install on existing water connections, which makes them ideal candidates for quick bathroom renovations.

Hansgrohe shower panel.

Shower panels – great water fun for the entire family

A complete pampering range consisting of overhead and hand showers with different jet types plus refreshing full-body massages from the side showers. Installation is extremely easy: In these pre-assembled and tested shower systems, all components are integrated. Simply use the existing connections for retrofitting. Also show your customers the height-adjustable Raindance Lift shower panel – for different requirements within the household.

Hansgrohe shower panels ( of )


Advantages of hansgrohe shower systems:

  • Minimal planning work. They are the ideal overall solution for renovating bathrooms quickly and upgrading them effectively. They eliminate the need for time-consuming planning and installation of individual components.
  • Simple installation. They are connected in the shower or bath tub in place of the old mixer. The ShowerTablet also facilitates showering in the bath tub, while also serving as a thermostatic bath mixer. With no concealed installation or annoying ripping out of the wall.
  • A wide range of products. Lots of models and price categories offer personalised shower solutions that will become oases of relaxation for your customers.
  • They are impressive thanks to innovative hansgrohe features such as AirPower and QuickClean, and they offer XXL Performance.

Raindance Select E 300: featuring the button for all generations

The unique design makes showering a delight. And the consistently intuitive operating concept even more so. The Raindance Select E 300 showerpipe offers maximum convenience, with Select buttons on the hand and overhead shower for shower and jet selection. Up to six jet types can be selected simply by pressing the Select button: invigorating or relaxing rain and a gush spray from the overhead shower, plus three different jet types from the hand shower. Experience Select your Shower Pleasure.

Showerpipes and shower panels – the face of modern showering

  • Rainmaker Select with ShowerTablet
  • Raindance E overhead and hand shower
  • Croma Select Showerpipe
  • Crometta Showerpipe
  • Man showering under Raindance Lift

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