Woman showers with Hansgrohe hand shower (left), shower illustration (right)

What kind of showerer is your customer?

Practical tests show that the showers we take are more individually customised than ever

Have you ever considered that there might be different types of shower? At hansgrohe we have investigated this issue: targeted investigations and practical series of tests carried out at our spray laboratory and our own Showerworld summed it all up for us – showerers can be divided into three categories:

  • Pleasure showerers
  • Efficient showerers
  • Focus showerers

hansgrohe has converted the individual requirements of these three shower types into three jet types:

  • soft, light RainAir for pleasure showerers
  • powerful Rain for efficient showerers
  • massaging Whirl on the hand shower or
    Rainstream on the overhead shower for focus showerers

This enables you to address the individual preferences of each customer and recommend the ideal shower products. The beauty of it is that the new overhead and hand showers with the Select button  combine all three jet types in one single product. At long last, everyone in the family can enjoy his/her own personal showering style. And try something different once in a while too. Depending on time of day and mood.

The pleasure showerer – likes the shower to soothe and caress both body and soul

Pleasure showerers take their time in the bathroom, seeking relaxation. They love to feel the stresses of everyday life slide from their shoulders with each drop of water. The water envelops them like a warm shower of rain, freeing them from all cares or distractions. To them it's not just about caring for the body: the soul also needs to be soothed and caressed. Pleasure showerers will love the luxuriously soft RainAir jet, where each air-enriched water droplet comes out through a large, wide nozzle.

The efficient showerer – is looking for a burst of freshness

Efficient showerers get into the shower with one intention above all else: to freshen up – and fast! Sometimes just a few minutes in the shower are enough. The shower needs to have an immediate effect. Shampoo needs to be rinsed out quickly and thoroughly, for example; anything less is likely to make efficient showerers impatient. A clear case for the powerful Rain jet, which features small, narrow spray nozzles.

The focus showerer – washes the stresses of the day away

For focus showerers, the right shower should be intensive, should wash away the tensions of the day and even be felt under the skin. They like to get out of the shower feeling relaxed and like they have just rid themselves of all their burdens – ready for enjoying time after work or for the next sports training session. The Whirl jet, which features three individual jets that revolve helically around each other, massages the focus showerer at precisely the right spot.

Greater individuality in the shower


Nowadays, your customers tend to fall into one of these three categories of showerers: pleasure, efficiency or focus

  • Woman taking a pleasure shower with Raindance Select hand shower
  • Woman taking a pleasure shower with Raindance Select overhead shower
  • Woman taking an efficient shower with Raindance Select hand shower
  • Woman taking an efficient shower with Raindance Select overhead shower
  • Woman taking a focus shower with Raindance Select hand shower
  • Woman taking a focus shower with Raindance Select overhead shower

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