At Stadtreinigung Hamburg, waste water from showers and wash basins is recycled and reused.

Municipal cleaning services Hamburg

Save water in an instant

Reusing water is intelligent – the Hamburg municipal cleaning services have adopted the motto of the Hansgrohe grey water recycling system as their own. Waste water from hand basins and showers in one of its depots flows into the biological-mechanical recycling process with the Pontos AquaCycle 21000. The process water created can then be reused, saving approximately 2.2 million litres of drinking water every year.

The Pontos AquaCycle treats grey water for reuse without adding any chemicals. In Hamburg, such uses includes: washing vehicles, water for road sweepers and flushing toilets. Hansgrohe’s patented process ensures consistently high water quality that complies with the hygiene requirements of the EU Bathing Water Directive.

The environmentally-friendly fold from the Hanseatic city are therefore miles ahead of their colleagues in other municipalities.

Location:                 Hamburg, Germany
Building owner:     Hamburg municipal cleaning services
Products:                Pontos AquaCycle 21000

Hamburg: a pioneer in environmental protection

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