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The tap, reimagined

Archetype with innovative control and minimalist design: AXOR One

AXOR One taps are elegant, elementary and pure. The design is ultra-minimalist yet familiar and characterised by smooth surfaces, soft edges, balanced proportions. The taps help to conserve resources and are intuitive to use thanks to their innovative & unique precision controls. Available in Chrome, Matt Black as well as other exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes.

The essence of simplicity: archetypes with a new kind of interaction

AXOR One taps are reduced to the bare essentials. A curved, extremely slimline pipe with a handle on the side, two separate handles or a lever handle. When combined with subtle details such as the gently tapered spout, tap handles that sit comfortably in the hand and the new lacquered Matt Black surface finish exclusive to AXOR One – or one of the numerous other AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes – AXOR One becomes an unbelievably elegant, timelessly beautiful and exclusive collection that enhances any bathroom.

Design: Barber Osgerby
AXOR One single lever basin tap with side handle.

Slimline silhouette, simple installation and practical maintenance

By positioning the cartridge under the wash basin, the designers and developers of AXOR One have pulled off a masterstroke. For two reasons: Taking the motor out of the tap gave them the freedom to make the body extremely slender, thus reducing AXOR One to the bare essentials. And placing the cartridge under the wash basin allows for quick and easy installation plus practical access for servicing and maintenance. The cartridge is simply removed and reattached using its bayonet fitting.
Illustration of the cartridge position in the AXOR One Select.

Dive into the world of AXOR One!

AXOR One is a genuine innovation in the market. On more than just one level. Use our deep dives to discover the truly ground-breaking aspects of the design, technology, collection and philosophy. Watch Anke Sohn, Head of Global Brand Marketing at AXOR, and Benjamin Holzer, Head of Product Management at AXOR, present the collection in detail in the videos below.

AXOR One: innovative functionality for resource-efficient operation

Taps in the AXOR One collection are available in a variety of handle designs. The Select versions feature a lever handle on the side with all-in-one controls. Turning the lever down turns the water on and off for direct high-precision control of the water flow. Turning the lever handle clockwise increases the temperature. The handle also has a default CoolStart function: Warm water only flows once the handle has been turned clockwise. An innovative design for a resource-efficient way to handle the element of water.
The AXOR One all-in-one control handle in detail.

Reinterpreting a classic: the AXOR One three-hole tap

The AXOR One three-hole basin tap is a major reinterpretation of the traditional tap design with a tall spout and separate handles for hot and cold water. Unlike established models, the two softly sculpted handles feature various functions: The right handle with built-in Select technology turns the water on and off when it is pressed down, while turning it changes the temperature. The left handle is turned to control the amount of water. This innovative logic of the controls enables the temperature and flow rate to be preset.
The new AXOR One three-hole basin tap at work.

Established and yet totally innovative: the extremely flat lever handle

AXOR One basin taps with lever handle explore the idea of minimalist design language in an innovative way. The flat handle design is only possible thanks to the redeveloped M25XS cartridge. The built-in jet former and the lightly tapered spout emphasise the quality in design and manufacturing. Just like the entire collection, AXOR One taps with a lever handle are characterised by their holistic design with slimline silhouettes, smooth surfaces, soft edges and balanced proportions.
Two tall AXOR One single lever taps in Matt Black.

Minimalist design for the shower

AXOR One shower heads stand out due to their monolithic shapes and their innovative layout of the PowderRain and Rain jet spray types, which is reflected in the spray disc’s characteristic graphic design. PowderRain from the nozzles of the inner ring on the spray disc cocoons the showerer in millions of micro-fine water droplets. And the Rain spray type (outer ring) offers a boost of freshness for the whole body. An innovative combination – for an immersive, sensational showering experience.
AXOR One overhead shower 280 with two jet types at work.

The all-in-one combination for a perfect showering experience

The AXOR One range includes overhead showers in two sizes (280 and 75) with one or two spray types and two hand showers. As an all-in-one combination of overhead shower, hand shower, shower rail and wall connection, the AXOR One showerpipe creates a minimalist look in the shower. The overhead shower with the innovative combination of Rain and PowderRain can be freely adjusted thanks to the swivelling shower arm, while the hand shower with the PowderRain jet type efficiently consumes water as an EcoSmart version. The shower system has been reduced to the bare essentials through the integration of the wall connection into the showerpipe, maintaining consistency with the AXOR One design language.
Shower system with overhead and hand shower in Matt Black.