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New hansgrohe kitchen tap

Stylish and practical: Upgrading the sink with the Zesis M33

Make your customers happy in an instant with a kitchen tap that suits their taste and impresses them with its features. The minimalist Zesis M33 is available in three surface finishes and two heights. This attractively priced range is going down a storm, especially in the aftermarket. And don’t forget to tell your customers about the new sBox lite, a safe hose guide in the base cabinet.

Striking the perfect balance between design and functionality

What if you could have the best of both worlds at the kitchen sink? Design and functionality form a dynamic duo in the Zesis M33, a tap range showcasing the best tried-and-tested hansgrohe brand quality. The slimline kitchen tap blends in seamlessly in modern kitchens and is impressively easy to use. The benefits of the Zesis M33 kitchen tap include:

  • Three attractive surface finishes: Matt Black, Chrome and Stainless Steel. Plenty of options to suit your customers’ style and taste. 
  • Functionality. Impress your customers with intuitive and fast workflows: The sBox lite can be combined with models featuring a pull-out spray for a flexible and safe hose guide.

  • The Zesis M33 is easy to install and makes work so easy for you, even when replacing the kitchen tap you have in stock (aftermarket).

The Zesis kitchen tap in Matt Black at the sink.
The Zesis M33 is the slimline and practical tap for the modern kitchen. Customers can enjoy a highly efficient tap in the model with the pull-out spray or match the Matt Black model with a granite sink.

The Zesis M33: hansgrohe quality for every kitchen

The versatile Zesis M33 tap range is a nifty product for all kitchen designs because of its hansgrohe quality:
  • Two heights, two jet types: The Zesis M33 2jet with pull-out spray and two jet types (laminar and shower spray) is available in the 150 and 160 ComfortZone heights. The range also includes the Zesis M33 1jet with normal spray in the 150 ComfortZone height.
  • The clever sBox lite hose guide is available with some Zesis M33 models with a pull-out spray. Models with a hose weight are also available.
  • The Zesis M33 comes in a variety of models for all circumstances: as a low pressure tap, for installation in front of a window, fitted with an appliance shut-off valve or CoolContact technology, as well as an eco model with a limited flow rate of max. 6 l/min. 
  • Perfect combination: The slimline, minimalist shape is a harmonious fit for the wide variety of hansgrohe kitchen sinks.
  • Quality by hansgrohe, made in Germany, at an attractive price.

sBox lite: the smart hose guide

The Zesis M33 with pull-out spray can be combined with the sBox lite. The innovative, compact hose guide can be placed under the sink, either at the bottom of the base cabinet or on the wall. A pulling rope keeps the pull-out spray's hose in position and safely guides it when it is pulled out and retracted. The benefit when working at the kitchen sink: The hose will not jam or get damaged and the pull-out spray is easy to use, day in, day out. 
The sBox lite installed in the sink’s base cabinet.
A pulling rope is used for the sBox lite. It is connected to the hose and keeps it in position when the hose is pulled out and retracted.