Axor Urquiola bathroom floor plan

More individual character in your bathroom – bathroom planning tips

From the purely functional wet cell of former times, the bathroom has progressed and been turned into a living space where we spend lots of time. Better quality of life, a new feel good culture and a yearning for peace and tranquillity are all factors that now pervade the bathroom. And since everyone defines “feel good” differently, bathroom planning requires increased individualisation.

The holistic bathroom

At AXOR, ideas are exchanged between renowned designers and architects to produce many different types of feel good areas – adapted to fit different lifestyles, room conditions and the aesthetic feeling. Going beyond just the product and its pure self-cleaning functionality.

A homely atmosphere with the right materials

The right materials also contribute to a sense of “feel good” in the bathroom. Cosy elements such as wooden floorboards, large windows and warm lighting create a homely atmosphere.

Discover AXOR's feel good rooms, and let yourself be inspired while planning your bathroom:

Axor Starck Organic bathroom.
The organic minimalist bathroom creates a contrast between powerful shapes and sensuous materials, and is ideal for a variety of different room sizes.
Axor Citterio bathroom

Separation of feel good and functional areas

Axor Massaud bathroom

The bathroom inspired by nature

Axor Urquiola bathroom

A fusion of bathroom and bedroom

Bathroom in old building with Axor Showerpipe.

In the shower, modern showerpipes are ideal for a renovation because existing connections can be used for added convenience.

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