Six dream bathrooms, six stories

Bring your customers’ bathroom dreams to life!

For unforgettable moments with water, we at hansgrohe no longer think in terms of individual product solutions – we have transformed separate elements into a holistic bathroom concept full of inspiring ideas. These elements include taps, showers and accessories and now also furniture, ceramics and mirrors. This concept enables us to create a perfectly coordinated, interactive environment to suit your customers’ personal taste. 

hansgrohe bathroom with designer taps, furniture, ceramics, mirror.

Rethink the entire bathroom, redefine feel-good places 

How should a dream bathroom look? Which feelings should it evoke? We use inspiring holistic concepts to encourage you to find your own answers to these questions. Our dream bathrooms are based on your customers’ style and needs, family circumstances and spatial parameters. Every hansgrohe dream bathroom is unique, and its elements can be chosen individually. Personal requirements relating to design and comfort can also be effortlessly incorporated.

A dream bathroom for those who value strong contrasts and family ties

Father lovingly dotes on his daughter in the dream bathroom.
The bathroom as a wonderful place where relaxation meets excitement. Where refreshing self-care and fun family time brighten up everyone’s day.

Every detail in this family bathroom is carefully thought through to create a masterly combination of beautiful style and adept functionality. The strong contrasts create a somewhat industrial feel. The cubic design features are timeless classics that give the room its charm. The turquoise-green wallpaper brightens up the bathroom and creates a vibrant atmosphere. Grey console cabinets and dark XXL tiles provide the perfect contrast and ground the room. Concrete-effect plastering separates the shower from the rest of the room and creates a sense of spaciousness. The room’s stimulating feel with natural light invites you to stay and relax.

For well-organised days. And all the others.

This bathroom is more than just a combination of taps, ceramics and tiles. It is a portal to a world that is brimming with inspiration, where the air is filled with laughter and love. It understands the rhythm of life and celebrates contemplative moments and happy times with loved ones. It is a room where people can relax and recharge. But it is also a place where chaos can sometimes ensue. When this happens, it becomes a fun and lively playroom, where there is but one rule: unforgettable memories and a loving atmosphere must be created.

A dream bathroom for fun and imaginative interior artists

A young woman applies a face mask in a colourful bathroom.
Relax then enjoy the adventures of life: this amazingly spacious DIY bathroom features refined and intuitive products that simplify everyday routines. 

Welcome to a place of blissful self-portrayal – with vibrant colours and wallpaper that invites you to dream. This amazing-looking oasis has a character of its own. It has been fitted with economical products that enable a sustainable lifestyle. Its look is inspired by the sleek elegance of Scandinavian design, with hygge oozing from every centimetre. Brightly coloured accessories and dreamy pastel shades adorn the room with a personal touch. The rounded, white ceramics and black taps are all the rage.

The new meaning of DIY: DREAM IT YOURSELF

This bathroom has given full rein to the imagination, breaks with conventions and focuses on well-being as the top priority. Bid farewell to purely functional bathrooms, boring wallpaper and joyless tiles with zero personality – and say hello to a creative bathroom full of transformative power that fires up your life! The room becomes a genuine oasis, perfect for personal care, relaxation and self-love – as well as a playground for the pre-party party. The price-conscious bathroom can be redesigned as desired. Let’s hear it for the art of DIY!

Sustainable, price conscious and magical

A dream bathroom for anyone with kids. Because family is the most epic adventure

Children play in the eco-friendly hansgrohe family bathroom.
Life is full of surprises. Our family bathroom is a highly functional place. But it is also made for adventurous mornings and energetic evenings.

This brightly coloured bathroom is calling out to be filled with life and inspires families to break free from routine. Natural materials are added to the mix in the form of well-made bathroom furniture, which stands side by side with beautiful ceramics. The wooden components are certified as originating from sustainable forest management. The Pulsify S shower with PowderRain provides sensual showering experiences despite its low water consumption. And the plants emphasise eco-friendliness, create a pleasant indoor climate and inspire the family to go on adventures. 

Welcome to the wellness wonderland

The interplay between the materials, colours and hand-made textured wall panels brings visual joy to this protective, safe oasis. With subtly curved taps and ceramics, the organic shapes are reflected at different levels and form the perfect backdrop for unforgettable family moments. The highlights include bathroom furniture from the Xelu Q range with spacious storage options, intelligent dividers in all drawers and a shower system with a built-in shelf. Sophisticated design becomes the unsung hero that makes it so much simpler to organise family life.  

A dream bathroom for globetrotters: the feeling of being on holiday, 365 days a year

The hansgrohe globetrotter bathroom full of personal souvenirs.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the morning trip to the bathroom felt like a journey to a beautiful, faraway destination? Your customers can make this dream a reality with the globetrotter bathroom. 

This elegant space combines design with a personal approach and stylish sustainability. It is made for people who are mindful of their well-being and appreciate functionality. The result is a dream bathroom that emphasises a love of modern design, clarity and individuality, and is inspired by the most beautiful places on Earth. Clean lines, bold contrasts and a varied landscape of materials, colours and items make this the perfect place to relax. 

The world really can feel this good

The straight lines of the tap and shower contrast with the gentle curves of the wash basin and toilet. This synergy of shapes is echoed throughout the room and creates a natural comfort zone. Clever solutions, such as the SoftClose technology in the bathroom furniture, the ample storage space in the cabinets or the soft PowderRain from the Pulsify E shower, ensure lovely, sensual experiences in the bathroom. Individual design elements, such as cacti, benches or baskets, add a personal touch and tell stories of travels, artistry and fascinating cultures. 

The dream bathroom to delight design lovers

Loved-up older couple show affection in the hansgrohe dream bathroom.
The high-quality dream bathroom in a timeless look is the perfect environment for inspiration and heart flutters. It exudes a sense of clarity, lightness and openness. 

This dream bathroom has been designed with personal tastes and thoughts for the future in mind. It is accessible and offers plenty of room to move with a minimalist design full of vivid memories. The sentimental touches come in the form of picture frames, a hand-knotted rug and Ming vases. Various surfaces, shapes and materials provide warmth and a sense of well-being in this bright bathroom setting. The sleek wash basins and furniture from the Xevolos E range truly catch the eye.

A clear framework for inspiration and profound emotions

Elegant yet playful, minimalist yet cosy is the overall impression this concept conveys. The frames and straight lines of the products define the space. Taps, showers and shelves in an elegant Brushed Bronze finish emphasise individuality. The thousands of micro-droplets that cascade from the high-quality Rainfinity shower heads cocoon the body in a cloak of well-being. Stylish elegance meets maximum comfort here – for sensational experiences with water. 

The dream bathroom for tech-savvy people: endless feel-good moments

hansgrohe dream bathroom with digitally controlled atmospheric lighting.
A bathroom stripped back to basics becomes a place to retreat, dream, fantasise – or to do whatever suits your customer’s mood.

In this bathroom, minimalist design meets maximum comfort and functionality – and has a positive effect on mental and physical balance, as the digital hansgrohe innovations provide new ways to relax and refresh. The smart living dream bathroom with RainTunes transports people to a sensual world of light, sound and water experiences. It is an ode to the clarity and timelessness of water. And it has been designed for wellness to be enjoyed in its purest form. 

Moments full of relaxation: dive in with all the senses

The smart wellness dream wows with a white colour scheme and multi-sensory showering. The muted colours provide a fantastic environment for light reflections and mood lighting that can be adapted to suit personal preferences. Harmony and equilibrium set the tone in this welcoming feel-good oasis. Exciting visual contrasts are also created through the use of different surface textures, shapes and contours. Xarita mirrors create a spotlight that puts everyone in the perfect light.

Bring dream bathrooms to life with hansgrohe

  • Offer your customers perfectly coordinated, interactive bathroom solutions that can be adapted to their style and needs.
  • Calculate the perfect tap and wash basin combination with hansgrohe ExcellentFit. Our experts at the Technical Service Centre have tested lots of potential combinations for their functionality and published their recommendations.
  • One supplier, multiple products: From consultations to product presentations right through to marketing, logistics and installation, we want to make your daily work life easier with holistic, coordinated production solutions.
Xanuia Q: stylish comfort wash basins from hansgrohe.
Xanuia Q

Budget-friendly wash basins that perfectly combine comfort, functionality and style.

Xarita Lite S & Q: energy-efficient mirrors from hansgrohe.
Xarita Lite S and Q

Mirrors to brighten up the day – in two individual designs.

EluPura Original: beautiful toilets von hansgrohe.
EluPura Original

Universal WC design in two versions – for a calm and beautiful oasis in the bathroom.