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AXOR is a design brand for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens.

We are global trendsetters when it comes to creating avantgarde, technologically superior design objects.

Our exceptional collections are the ultimate in elegant design. Developed in close cooperation with internationally renowned designers. Geared towards aesthetically and prestige-conscious customers in the upper and premium market segment who seek
inspiration without compromises.


For those seeking a moment of relaxation​ and a life full of energy and ease. For​ those who want to celebrate their every​ sense, to feel alive and free.​

hansgrohe gives you unique experiences​ with water that fill your life with​ sensuality, bliss and joy.​ Experiences full of vitality that allow you​ to recharge and refresh.​

We unite contrast – the rational with the​ emotional, the aesthetic with the​ functional; a sense of balance with​ exciting dynamism.​

We orchestrate captivating moments of​ freedom, that help you enjoy a welcome​ break from the day- to-day, to regenerate​ and truly feel alive.