Water enriched with air

AirPower: more indulgence, more efficiency

Wow your customers in the long term: This technology increases the indulgence of the shower and conserves resources. By specifically mixing in air, the water from taps and showers feels plumper, lighter and softer. Many products in our range come with AirPower.

Get more fun from less water: your selling points

  • AirPower is synonymous with sensational and indulgent showering. The sophisticated technology swirls water with air in the shower head to make droplets sumptuous and soft.

  • A plump, soft water jet cascades from AirPower taps. With a pleasant side effect: There is much less splash, so less to clean up afterwards.

  • As air is in abundant supply, but water isn’t, AirPower products help to conserve precious resources. Just what your eco-conscious customer base are looking for.  

Showers with AirPower: more volume, more indulgence, more efficiency

The AirPower principle is simple: A huge amount of air is sucked into an AXOR or hansgrohe shower via the spray disc, where the flowing water is mixed up in the truest sense of the word. Your customers will immediately notice the results on their skin: The AirPower shower rain cocoons the body in light, plump droplets and creates a glorious feel-good sensation. In short: a more indulgent shower that uses less water.

AirPower shower, enriched with air.
Precious water is used more efficiently with AirPower. And: The inflowing air makes shower water sumptuous and soft.

A selection of showers with AirPower technology

Taps with AirPower: For water in all its abundance

Air is sucked into an AXOR or hansgrohe tap via the jet outlet, where it enriches the inflowing water. A soft and efficient water jet cascades from AirPower taps. The positive side effect: less splash around the wash basin or bath tub. In short: a nicer interaction with water, with less water consumption.

AirPower tap, enriched with air.
An AirPower tap achieves a high jet volume and a lower water bill with less water.

A selection of taps with AirPower technology