A modern bathroom brimming with new hansgrohe products.

Novelties from the hansgrohe brand: holistic product solutions from one supplier

When it comes to amazing interactions with water, here at hansgrohe, we don’t just think to in terms of individual product solutions. Instead, we create holistic, sustainable concepts that make your customers’ bathroom dreams come true. Check out our exquisite compositions of wash basins, furniture, taps and showers together with matching mirrors, toilets and accessories.

Creating a dream wash place with ease

The wash place is far more than just somewhere to wash the hands or brush the teeth. It is a place of regeneration. A place where people can stop and reflect, recharge and reinvigorate their lust for life. hansgrohe makes it possible to design unique wash places. The product solutions are part of a holistic design system. Wash basins can be tailored to toilets and furniture to mirrors. This creates harmonious feel-good places that are functional, beautiful and sustainable. After all, resources are conserved as a matter of course here.

Xanuia Q: developed to simplify routines

We all want seamless routines that make our everyday lives easier. Xanuia Q wash basins combine comfort and functionality with style and simplicity – for optimum interactions at the wash place. This budget-friendly range adds an attractive touch to all bathrooms with the characteristic SoftCube design (Q). Also suitable for business projects.

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A couple mess about by a Xanuia Q wash basin.

Xarita Lite S and Q: mirrors to brighten up the mood

The Xarita Lite mirror range shines a perfect spotlight on your customers’ well-being by enriching their bathroom routine with attractive lighting. The sustainable and high-quality products are available in circular (S) and SoftCube (Q) versions with a matt white or matt black frame. The mirror design blends harmoniously into the hansgrohe wash place while the price brings a smile to the face too.

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Also check out our Xarita E and S mirrors, which create a holistic bathroom environment when combined with hansgrohe wash place products from the Xelu Q and Xevolos E ranges.

A happy couple by an illuminated Xarita Lite Q mirror.
Vivenis: hansgrohe taps and showers for modern bathrooms.

Taps with a wide spray that creates a velvety waterfall on the wash basin.

Rebris: hansgrohe taps in a timeless slimline design.

Beautiful, water-saving taps that are a joy to behold from any angle.

More fun, sensuality and sustainability in the shower place

The world often regards hansgrohe as synonymous with “showering”. After all, the brand brings more joy and diversity to bathroom routines around the world. This is because our shower world is unique, with intuitive shower controls and an impressive range of spray types. When it comes to pleasurable showering experiences with low water consumption, hansgrohe is at the top of the game. We are committed to consumer-friendly resource conservation that reduces ecological footprints and benefits both the environment and pockets. Also perfect for hotel operators.

The future is the new iBox universal 2

Faster, smarter, more flexible: with the iBox universal 2 and the new pre-fab sets from hansgrohe, installation takes half the time it did with the previous model. The new concealed base set combines the proven advantages with plenty of first-rate properties and additional benefits. So you can do your job as accurately as possible in no time at all.

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New from hansgrohe: iBox universal 2 concealed base set.

Ecostat Fine and Element thermostats: true bliss with just one twist

The range of exposed products has also been expanded: Ecostat Fine and Ecostat Element thermostats instantly boost well-being and safety when showering. The budget-friendly ranges also support a sustainable lifestyle: with water and energy-saving functions. The intuitive Ecostat models come in two versions: Ecostat Fine features a clean, purist design and a graphite grey flag while Ecostat Element is a timelessly elegant water control with a seamless metal finish that goes perfectly with all hansgrohe shower ranges.

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Woman adjusts shower with hansgrohe Ecostat Fine thermostat.

RainDrain shower drains: optimum form and function

RainDrain shower drains are the perfect drainage solution for any bathroom project with a floor-level shower. hansgrohe offers a wide range of products, lengths and finishes, so your customer’s taste can be reflected in every last detail. The shower becomes a holistically designed area where everything matches perfectly.

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RainDrain shower drainage channels from hansgrohe – new shapes and colours.

hansgrohe toilets: attractive designs and efficient features

The toilet is an essential part of any feel-good oasis. hansgrohe toilets are rimless, comfortable and hygienic. A range of innovative technologies make these quality products economical, dirt-repellent and easy to clean. Thanks to their universal design, they blend stylishly into any dream bathroom. Whether rounded (S) or with a SoftCube design (Q), customers and project partners are sure to find the perfect hansgrohe toilet to suit their needs.

EluPura Original S and Q: a calming oasis with great aesthetic appeal

The streamlined shape of these toilets adds a touch of refinement to any bathroom. EluPura Original comes in two timeless versions: rounded (S) and SoftCube (Q). These are tailored to the hansgrohe product range and fit harmoniously into the overall environment. With EluPura Original, you present a trustworthy solution as the range combines aesthetic appeal, outstanding performance and impressive water efficiency with attractive prices.

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Further products for the toilet place: EluPura toilets in a rounded or SoftCube design complete the overall look of the bathroom and go perfectly with wash place products from the Xelu Q and Xevolos E ranges. 

Pregnant woman perches on a EluPura Original Q toilet. 

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