Save time and money with EDI

From ordering to paying: electronic data interchange with Hansgrohe

There are clear benefits to using EDI (electronic data interchange), as EDI means transferring information such as orders or despatch notifications from system to system, without manual processing. This is why Hansgrohe has adopted this system. We also offer our customers the option to work with us via EDI.

Use EDI with Hansgrohe and make processes more efficient  

Working with Hansgrohe via electronic data interchange (EDI) is worthwhile. Business documents can be automatically transferred from one IT system to another, without people needing to intervene. There are many benefits to this, and they boil down to a noticeable reduction in costs: 

  • Speeds up processing/handling: faster transferring/processing in the automated data exchange between IT systems
  • Improves data quality: Error sources are reduced and multiple entries are avoided 
  • Saves paper: Documents are exchanged electronically
  • Innovative use of resources: Manual input no longer required; this time can be put to other uses

Hansgrohe uses the following message types:
  • ORDERS orders
  • ORDRSP order confirmation
  • INVRPT inventory stock report
  • DESADV dispatch notifications
  • INVOIC billing
  • REMADV payment advice 
A man symbolically presses the EDI button
There are many benefits to electronic data interchange.

Technical solutions for working with EDI and saving money in the long term

Hansgrohe has been using electronic data interchange with customers for many years. We were swayed by the many advantages of EDI.

Implementing EDI in your own business
You need to have EDI processes in place to communicate with Hansgrohe via EDI. There are various ways to do this:
  • In-house EDI solution
    Installing your own EDI system in your workplace.
  • EDI clearing centre
    EDI clearing centres are experienced EDI service providers who take over all EDI functionalities, such as converting and processing data.
There is another benefit to EDI: If you use the system, you can communicate with Hansgrohe, your own customers and other suppliers via EDI. ​​​​​​