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New accessories: XtraStoris, AddStoris, WallStoris

The timeless beauty of the hansgrohe ranges tell the story of the complementary products from a completely new perspective. XtraStoris, AddStoris and WallStoris will dramatically enhance your customers’ bathrooms and your showroom. Do you want to be an all-round bathroom consultant who can create harmonious concepts? Get to know the many attractive add-on products that will help you create a harmonious bathroom design.

Three attractive ranges for countless means of expression

The new hansgrohe accessory range offers almost infinite combinations for sensational, stylish bathrooms that are impressive even in the smallest of details. This applies to the design and materials as well as the installation and manufacturing processes. The good news, the accessories are also available in special surfaces finishes: 
  • XtraStoris, which create extra storage space and room to move in dream bathrooms
  • AddStoris, which always make everything beautiful and keep things within reach
  • WallStoris, which store utensils more easily and uniquely than ever before

XtraStoris: storage space for the dream bathroom

XtraStoris: design that makes itself useful

Looking for places to store cosmetics and toiletries ? There is finally a storage solution recessed into the wall that creates an extra-large space and looks just as good as the rest of the bathroom. 

Ideal selling points for hansgrohe XtraStoris:

  • Space-saving solution for stylish bathroom settings that allow your customers maximum room to move when showering. 
  • Integrated solution that allows the bathroom look to be personalised, even in the smallest of details. 
  • High-quality solution available in three variant options, numerous surface finishes and various dimensions – as a perfect design addition to existing shower products.
  • Waterproof basic set that ensures permanent safety and is a joy to use.

Below are examples of the products from this appealing range of accessories:

AddStoris: everything is always beautiful and within reach

AddStoris: stylish additions from shaving mirrors to soap dispensers

Everything has its place in the modern feel-good bathroom. Ideally with a tidy system that precisely matches the style of the taps and showers. Tooth brush tumblers, hooks and towel racks are all completely linear with AddStoris. Cosmetics and tissue boxes, toilet brush holders and pedal bins also stylishly and subtly blend in with the ambiance. 

Top selling points for hansgrohe AddStoris:

  • Versatile holder system that tidies and offers more functionality, room and comfort in your customers’ everyday lives.

  • AddStoris offers a range of problem-solvers at an attractive price.
  • Timeless accessories with a clear design that blend in harmoniously with every modern bathroom. 
  • Your customer can choose the perfect surface finish from six options. 
  • The range of accessories is easy to install and perfectly complements the hansgrohe FinishPlus range with matching surface finishes. 

Below are examples of the products from this varied range of accessories:

WallStoris: create storage space and transform customers into decorative artists with unique style 

WallStoris: the wall is your customer’s!

Tidying the bathroom has never been so easy, flexible or individual. WallStoris consists of a bar and modular accessories. Your customer can simply pick a bar length and organise their wall according to their needs, taste and the space available. Goodbye, chaos! Goodbye, lack of storage space!
  • Sophisticated storage and tidy system. You customers can go wild with almost unlimited combination options. 
  • Bars are available in two lengths (50 and 70 cm) and two surface finishes (Matt Black and Matt White). The modules include shelves, hooks, baskets, racks or plant pots in the same colours and many variants.
  • Easy installation: The bars are glued on and can be removed later. Or they can be screwed on, as they would traditionally. The modules are then clicked in – done! 
  • Perfect for wet environments: A drainage system prevents water from pooling in the containers. WallStoris is dishwasher-safe.
  • WallStoris is also suitable for toilet areas with appropriate holders for toilet brushes and toilet paper.
  • Typically hansgrohe: The range is high quality, hard-wearing and beautiful.

Below are examples of the products from this versatile range of accessories:

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